In an effort to continuously seek, sense and share new knowledge (PKM) into my ever-expanding brain, I have really embraced the wonders of podcasts and recently. This is not to say that I didn’t listen to “books on tape” back in the day, however, now with Web 2.0 access and 21st century learning at my fingertips, I can now deposit more information in my head while driving to & from work hassle-free (and Aidan benefits too!).

I have been listening to Temple Grandin’s new book, The Autistic Brain and it is a wealth of information. She really emphasizes the need to stay away from labels and to rather focus on addressing the symptoms of Autism individually. Given Autism is a “spectrum” disorder, every child is unique and symptoms manifest themselves in a multitude of ways which makes treating them under one label almost impossible. Treat the symptoms, not the label!


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