So, here goes my first blog post! My intention with this blog and the concept of “living with gra2e paradoxy” is to shed some light on twice-exceptionality (2e). Twice-exceptional (2e) children are also referred to as gifted and learning disabled. I hope to offer parents and educators a place of acceptance, information, and hopefully share my daily struggles and triumphs raising a 2e child.

As a doctoral student studying various topics related to the 2e community, I would also like to discuss application and integration of a growth mindset mentality among educators involving best inclusive practices, the collaborative, co-teaching process and gifted education.

If you a parent of a 2e child or a teacher with a twice-exceptional child in your classroom, you may already understand how difficult it is for our kids to be ok with the gray areas in life. For my son, the world is black or white. Period. End of sentence! Even if “being in the gray” happens to be to his advantage, he will fight it tooth and nail.



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